Alison Waggoner


Daric Ashy

Alison  Waggoner and Daric  Ashy

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Our Story

Sitting at the bar of a local Mexican restaurant, sharing chips, queso, and a couple of margaritas, Daric realized Alison was only half paying attention to him as she struggled to take her eyes off the baseball game on TV. She'd turn toward him, eyes wide and a smile just the same, reacting to his story, clearly interested but also just as focused on the pitching performance of John Lester and his Chicago Cubs. Somehow, this only endeared her to him more.

Now, more than 3 years later, there have been baseball, football, soccer games, and even a couple of golf tournaments. Through countless servings of chips & queso and many more nights spent curled up on the couch, watching reruns of tv shows they've seen a thousand times, their feelings for each other have only grown stronger. And besides, Alison knows all she has to do if she finds herself getting distracted in the middle of one of Daric's stories is flash that wide smile and Daric himself will forget where he was going with it.
Jessica Williams